E-step Meeting in Ireland

At the beginning of this week we attended our two-day E-step meeting in Ireland. As usually time was too short to visit around, but at least we’re propud to have managed getting things done and checking all through our agenda.

Definitly the name of our hotel (Kilmore) was a big hint for the meeting that would come, although we were a bit picky about the fact it did not state a very specific, nor measurable objective. It should have been “kill all” instead of “more”! 😉

Killing did involve tasks so no actual violence was recored. We had two good days of hard work and managed to get a lot of things done, starting with our comparative research, road map, reports, evaluations and plannig our next steps.

We would like to thank again the Irish team who did a great job in welcoming us and making us feel so great during our short stay!

Needless to say it was amazing seeing everyone again and we’re already looking forward for our next meeting in October, although unfortunately it will be the last one in this project!

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