A nice metaphor about what are you doing at work

I think it circulated on mail or I might have found it somewhere … sorry for forgetting the where so that I quote it! But it is a nice way of seing things …

Here is the story:

“What are you doing?” A passerby asked of three workers standing beside a building under construction.
The first worker, looking tired and drained, replied, “I’m just cutting stone.”
The second one answered with no enthusiasm, “Working to make a living.”
The third worker, who was singing, said, “I’m building a cathedral!”

Are you just cutting stone at work? Is that why you’re often drained of energy and void of enthusiasm? Are you just trying to make a living? Is that why you find no excitement in what you do? Or are you building or doing something great?
Ask yourself: What great thing do I want to do today?

Don’t waste your life just cutting stone. Start building cathedrals!

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