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Just arrived back from the E-step meeting in Portugal and I wanted to post some thoughts about team working in general that I have learned there:

1. When objectives are clear and people keep communication focused on the subject, there is a higher chance for things to be done and we are more motivated to do them (and find more fun and pleasure in doing them). The Portugal meeting ended by having two course curricula drawn: a train of trainers for teachers and a basic training and counceling skills course for prison officers.

2. In international projects when partners are from various countries – the meetings should take longer than two days – this insuring that most of the work is done during the meeting rather than expecting results once everybody is back in his/her home country and confronted with his/her daily job requirements. As a team, we have felt this need and decided that next meeting will last four days – this time in Romania. (we will keep you informed also about the outcomes of this meeting)

3. A point can be made also in a fun, non-threatening way – rather than giving direct criticism.

4. Each of the partners evaluating the results/processes is an asset and it is desirable in any project.

5. A collateral benefit of any international project is the knowledge you gain on different cultures. I do think that socialising gives you a wider prospective on life and work, so take all the advantages of it! Visit the place you are in, have a drink/coffee with your partners, share jokes and life experiences! You will come back enriched and … tired … but it worths!

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